Making Diabetes Self Management Possible


Making Diabetes Self Management Possible

Dealing with diabetes is never easy. It needs hands-on management on a daily basis. This can lead to frustrations. You are supposed to look after your diet, blood glucose levels and physical activity on a daily basis. On top of it, you are not supposed to miss your medicines. No wonder why it is frustrating. However, this is not the end. You have to deal with the emotional and psychological aspects of the disease. You are worried about the complications and your own future. And your caring friends and family makes it even harder with their intrusive behavior. And then there are new drugs and treatment options which the diabetes community keeps throwing at you. People who are part of this community are known to be dealing with high levels of fatigue, depression, burnout, anger, distress. And they are forced to deal with poor mood as well. The never ending demands of diabetes self management can be overwhelming at times. And this distress might be fuelling your condition without your knowledge.

Here in this article, we intend to help you with your troubles in dealing with diabetes.

  • You might be feeling burned out or overwhelmed

Yes, you need to remember the fact that it is common. The frustrations are distresses are part of it. It’s time for you to realize the fact that diabetes is burdensome. It’s not going to go away one fine morning. There are times when you have to deal with new developments like a kidney problem or eye problem. As a patient, you might blame yourself, your family and everything else. And you might feel that there is no point in fighting this. It is important for you to not give into this frustration. For effective treatment, you need to accept the reality.

  • Visit your doctor

When it comes to diabetes, it is not about eating medicines, controlling diets and exercising on a daily basis alone. It is also about addressing the various aspects of the disease. When you visit your doctor, you should talk about the distress you go through. The doctor will be able to help you with most of those problems. Doctors might make mistakes too. They might not listen to the patients. Treatment has to be unique depending upon the needs of each patient. In the end, the patient shouldn’t leave the doctor’s office feeling distressed. As a doctor, you should be able to address the issues like feeling burned out, depressed or distressed. In some case, you may have to prescribe antidepressants if necessary. Or in other words, diabetes self management involves lots of work.

  • Talk to friends and family members

It is important to express whatever you are feeling to your family members and friends. You are not complaining or whining. You are simply articulating your thoughts, feeling and concerns verbally. This is really helpful for the patient as it allows you to gain perspective. You will also be able to identify specific aspects of self-management.

  • Don’t do several things at a time

When you feel distressed, you tend to tackle lots of problems at once. For instance, many try to overdo their exercise routines and diet. As you can imagine, it can only backfire.

In short, self-management of diabetes requires a lot of patience. And you have to understand that you are allowed to feel distressed or depressed; it’s natural. Speaking out about your feelings will be helpful.